Hello 2018!

It’s the start of a new year, and also the start of a new blogging journey for me. Lindsaypositively.com is still active, and I may update it every now and again with foodie posts, but I’ve decided to try and emulate my husband’s blog format, and write about my life in general.

On every post, he updates a few permanent headers. Below are the ones I have picked (and this post’s updates):

What I’ve been listening to:

Muse and Marina and the Diamonds.

What I’ve been playing:

On News Years Day, we played Doctor Who Fluxx, and Bears Vs Babies.

What I’ve been wearing:

Here is the last OOTD picture I took, from Christmas Day! I’ve been a bit rubbish as capturing them as of late.

Favourite selfie since last time!

Other photos from my life….

Selfies with Willem!

Cuddles with Brandon.

Michael and Willem.

Playing Ticket To Ride Nordic on Boxing Day.

Introducing Firefly to Paul on Boxing Day.

Date afternoon with Michael: we went to Nandos and saw the new Star Wars movie.

New messenger bag! 💛

New Years Day dinner.


Mod Pizza with Paul.

I got the the vomitty ill.  Boo.

And finally, acquiring a cat tail moustachio!