All About Me

Hi and welcome to my little corner of the world wide web!  My name is Lindsay…not Lindsey, or Lyndsey, or even Lynzy (although I have used that spelling over the place online)…but L-i-n-d-s-a-y.  Yep, it gets misspelled alot!  At least people can say it correctly, I recognise that those with what people like myself (aka white people) would call ethic names get it much much worse.

They got the spelling right! 
Baristas hardly ever do!

If you’ve found your way here, you have probably come across me online on another platform (Instagram perhaps!), but here are some titbits about me anyway!

I love Star Trek, cheese, comic book movies, making necklaces, painting, listening to music, food in general, some sci-fi other than Star Trek, TMNT, Formula 1 (although the interest comes and goes), Pokemon Go, tea (LOTS OF TEA), coffee, and filling my home with joy and laughter (…and song; all the song!).

According to those around me, my superpower is the ability to make all things sound dirty!  I am also really good with kids, I somehow manage to just connect with them.  These two superpowers naturally NEVER mix!

Oh my, what a big… gun you have!

I am bisexual and polyamorous; currently taken 3 times over and ‘polysaturated’. I live with my husband, girlfriend, our 4 cats, 1 bunny and 1 hamster. My boyfriend stays over regular enough as well, and as much as I’d love more fluffy animals to come join our mini zoo, I think 6 is plenty!

My polycule, featuring all the relationships therein, and the pets within my household!

I consider myself an intersectional feminist, and to be given the title ‘SJW’ would be a badge of honour.

If feminism isn’t intersectional, is it even feminism?

I am fat.  Very fat.  Learning to live and move through the world in a fat body has shaped so much of how I perceive people and the media we consume day in, day out.  Fat politics, fat acceptance….these things matter to me. 

Fat, cosy and smiley!

I live with mental illness; I have had depression since my teens, and in the last 5 years anxiety has come more to the forefront of my life.  I am the survivor of childhood abuse and although I am not officially diagnosed, I am almost certain I have C-PTSD.  I have written about events from 6 years ago which caused me to become estranged from my father, which you can read on my old blog here.

My job is mostly admin work with a little travel here and there.  I have the fortune of working from home most of the time, which is a mixed blessing, but when I weigh up the pros and cons, there are always more pros…hence I’ve done it for nearly a decade!

I spend of lot of my life feeling lost and not knowing where to focus my energy and time.  Maybe one of these days, I will figure it out.