What Lindsay Wore

Welcome to the first only edition of ‘What Lindsay Wore’, a round up of the few of my favourite OOTD’s since last posting some.

I’ve started with outfits that I have captured so far in June.

I haven’t bought a new item of clothing in quite a while, so if you’ve followed me on social media for quite a while, all of these pieces will be familiar (assuming you pay attention!).  The newest thing are the burgundy tights, which were a steal at £6.99 from https://snagtights.com.  I highly recommend them, so far I have these and a black pair as well…I definitely want more!

I’m hoping to make the pictures at Warhammer World a tradition!

By Lindsay

She/Her / Feminist Killjoy / Board Gamer / Fat Babe / Polyam & Bi / TNG is the best Trek

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