Visit to Rievaulx

Today I visited Rievaulx Abbey with Megan (one of my nesting partners) and her Mum. I find ruins of abbeys and cathedrals fascinating, and we went on a lovely day weather wise to explore the ruins and grounds. Here is a small selection of the pictures I snapped while looking around.

(Okay….so the last one, Megan took for me!)

Megan and Jane make fantastic companions for things like this; day’s out with them are fun and really make me smile. Which is good for times like now, when my anxiety is all over the place. As I write this, I have a tight knot in my stomach which did not exist during the day today. Getting into the fresh air with these amazing women lifts me up, helps me to engage and enjoy my surroundings. It’s not enough on its own to keep the anxiety I suffer at bay, but it certainly helps.

I will be writing more about anxiety and my current mental health landscape in a more in depth post.

Rievaulx is a place I am very happy to have visited. The English Heritage membership that Megan and I decided to take out a couple of weeks ago is not going to waste!






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