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  • Hello 2021

    Goodbye 2020, what an awful year you were. There were some bright sparks here and there, sure. But on the whole, I am happy to see the back of you. Sadly, the start of the incoming year does not offer much respite from what we have had to endure as a result of the global […]

  • F*ck You, 2020. Or in other words, a life catch up from me to you.

    Content Warning – Depression & Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts / ideation, Terminal illness of a pet. I never wrote out a resolutions list for 2020 and honestly, I am glad I didn’t. I meant to, and in my head I have a good idea of the things the would have been on that list. But I […]

  • Missed Ones

    I want to start blogging again. Part of me wishes I didn’t look at it tonight however. As a part of the process, I reminded myself of what I had previously wrote on my ‘About’ page. There is a section where I talk about my polycule (read here if you don’t know the lingo) and […]