Category: mental health

  • F*ck You, 2020. Or in other words, a life catch up from me to you.

    Content Warning – Depression & Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts / ideation, Terminal illness of a pet. I never wrote out a resolutions list for 2020 and honestly, I am glad I didn’t. I meant to, and in my head I have a good idea of the things the would have been on that list. But I […]

  • A Dublin Adventure

    Today is the start of an adventure that has been in my diary for at least 2 years. As soon as Michael (one of my partners…the one I’m married too! Check out the About page for a diagram of my polycule) heard that there was a possibility that WorldCon could be held in Dublin, Ireland, […]

  • Dipping my toes back into this blogging thing…

    It possibly won’t last, but I’m going to try and ease myself back into blogging nice and slowly, starting with a small selection of arts and jewellery from the last few months. One thing that emerged from the counselling sessions I have just came to the end of is that to continue healing, the use […]