Dipping my toes back into this blogging thing…

It possibly won’t last, but I’m going to try and ease myself back into blogging nice and slowly, starting with a small selection of arts and jewellery from the last few months.

One thing that emerged from the counselling sessions I have just came to the end of is that to continue healing, the use of art and writing can be very exploratory of self (which as a naturally creative person, I don’t quite understand why I’ve never linked using art as a means to help myself work through the trauma of the past…maybe I’ve just been too hindered by the emotional turmoil the connect the dots?), and can supplement and support a continued environment of recovery and, for me, acceptance, of what the past has meant for the present. I will probably write more about this as I continue my reading ‘post counselling’, on ACE’s (Advere Childhood Events), the role they play in shaping the people we ultimately become, and how we can look to recover after the fact.

For now however, here are the aforementioned promised pretty things! 😀







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