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  • What Lindsay Wore

    What Lindsay Wore

    Welcome to the first only edition of ‘What Lindsay Wore’, a round up of the few of my favourite OOTD’s since last posting some. I’ve started with outfits that I have captured so far in June. I haven’t bought a new item of clothing in quite a while, so if you’ve followed me on social media…

  • Blog blog blog.

    Blog blog blog.

    I really want to blog more. It’s been a goal of mine since March and I just…haven’t. I can’t say with any level of certainty or accuracy as to why I haven’t exactly; I just haven’t. This is an attempt to change all that. I have decided that although my blog will be a general…

  • Follycon 2018 – The First Day

    Follycon 2018 – The First Day

    What a wonderful way to kick off my foray back into blogging….sharing my time at this year’s Eastercon; this year known as Follycon. Eastercon is a science fiction and fantasy convention held every Easter weekend here in the UK. Last year I went to my very first Eastercon in Birmingham, and this year it is…

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