Author: Lindsay

  • Visit to Rievaulx

    Today I visited Rievaulx Abbey with Megan (one of my nesting partners) and her Mum. I find ruins of abbeys and cathedrals fascinating, and we went on a lovely day weather wise to explore the ruins and grounds. Here is a small selection of the pictures I snapped while looking around. (Okay….so the last one, […]

  • Dipping my toes back into this blogging thing…

    It possibly won’t last, but I’m going to try and ease myself back into blogging nice and slowly, starting with a small selection of arts and jewellery from the last few months. One thing that emerged from the counselling sessions I have just came to the end of is that to continue healing, the use […]

  • Life; a catch up.

    It’s okay not to be okay. I’m not sure who said this first, but given this phrase is used so much now, does it need a citation?  Feel free to tell me if you think it does Saturday 29th September, mid afternoon.  The last few weeks have been really difficult for me.  I came to […]